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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Recommendation Request (How to ask for a recommendation II)

Here is an almost perfect request for a recommendation I received today. I would prefer a better salutation and sign-off, but aside from that it is perfect in tone and specifics. I know exactly what I have to do, exactly what the program involves. The letter does not take for granted that I will write the recommendation, but it gives me some very good reasons to do it. This student says my course was difficult, which is a great compliment to me.

Professor Mayhew,

Hello! I hope your semester is going well. This is XXX, you taught my Spanish XXX class during the XXX semester, and I am wondering if you are willing to be a reference for a program to which I am currently applying. The XXX Program is a great opportunity for me to receive GRE training and general graduate school preparation while working on a research project of my choice. The reason I am asking you to be my referral is that your class was one of the most difficult I have taken while at KU, but it was also one of the classes I have enjoyed the most. I love Spanish and Latin American literature, and I hope to go to graduate school and someday teach these subjects myself. I am supposed to find a professor who understands my interests in what I want to pursue in my post-graduate studies, and I hope I demonstrated my interest throughout that semester. I understand the last XXX semester was a long time ago, but if you be willing to be my reference, I would greatly appreciate it. You would not have to write any letter or fill out any forms, but the XXX program would contact you in the next one or two weeks for your referral.

Thanks for your time and consideration,


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