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Thursday, December 6, 2012


I may have to start dressing better. The comments on this article are quite interesting in their deployment of all the racial, gender, class, and sexuality tropes. I reject the notion that how we dress is unimportant, and that the way to signal our intellectual seriousness is by dressing badly. Once the rest of my life is in order I will tackle the clothing problem.


Anonymous said...

Ay, at last, an article in the Chronicle I can be enthusiastic about! We have a store, Right On Fashions, said by a Creole to be "where Black people shop for clothes to wear to church" and it is that but it is so much more -- the owner goes to trade shows in Latin America and brings back incredibly high quality stuff. We probably cannot invite you to speak here because we are not very interesting and also mal tenemos $ for expenses but for the sake of showing off this store I have just thought of it.

Jonathan said...

I would definitely like to check out that store.