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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why can't it always be this way?

I got up at 7, had some coffee. I have been a little sick so I didn't sleep well. During the night, intermittently, I read blog comments, which were flowing in from another blogger who was up all night grading. I even spoke on the phone with her (in a dream). I took some cold medicine with pseudo-ephedrine in it, and then I took my daughter to the High School: they (some kids from her school) are going to Columbia MO to try out for All-State Band / Orchestra. Back at 8 or so, I began to write. I wrote about 600 words of finished prose, and stopped shortly after 9. I got several new ideas that I will develop tomorrow. I was not distracted even by stressful emails I received while working. While writing, I almost felt as though I were taking dictation.

So why can't it always be like this? Working so well despite physical and emotional distress? The beginning of a project can always be energizing. Perhaps the cold medicine helped. And would it even be desirable to be this inspired every day? It might be exhausting. In any case, I will bank up this experience so that I won't forget that it can happen.


Anonymous said...

Like taking dictation:

...immersed in material consistently for some time.

...having thought about project already.

...having had it at back of mind all night.

...the liminal state, half sick, is actually good for initiating things, I find. One can't go on that way, obviously, but something like a Sioux dream-vision is not a bad way to start.

Jonathan said...

I totally agree about being (slightly) sick. It can really produce that "receptivity" that allows the ideas to flow forth.