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Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction: Romantic Hermeneutics
Chapter 2: Was Lorca a Poetic Thinker?

I. Was Lorca A Poetic Thinker?
II. What is “Poetic Thinking” Anyway? (Cernuda vs. Zambrano)
III. Thinking Poetically in Lorca’s Lectures
III. “Play and Theory of the Duende”
IV. The Grain of the Voice: Lorca and Barthes
V. Mayhew’s Duende: Translation and Hermeneutics

Chapter 3: Lorca and Contemporary Spanish Poetry: The Anatomy of Influence

I. José Ángel Valente: The Anxiety of Influence
II. Claudio Rodríguez: Phronesis and Folklore
III. Antonio Gamoneda: Language and Landscape
IV. Pere Gimferrer or Luis García Montero? A Legacy in Conflict

Chapter 4: Postmodern Lorca: O’Hara, Motherwell, Strayhorn

Chapter 5: [How, in spite of everything, Lorca has not yet been fully "queered"]

Chapter 6: An Agenda for Lorca Studies

1 comment:

profacero said...

It is going to be very interesting.

I have not been paying attention to Spain because criticism on it used to be so boring. It is truly nice that interesting books are appearing nowadays.