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Friday, May 16, 2014

3 days

How can I go in three days from: I don't know if I have enough to say for a twenty page article to

I don't know if I can fit everything I have to say in the 20-page limit.

While recovering from an anaesthesia that is making me still a bit groggy.


Thomas said...

The wonders of the scholarly base.

Andrew Shields said...

The scholarly "free-basing" here, as it were.

Vance Maverick said...

Drugs really do work for some writers. Where would O'Hara and Spicer have been without alcohol?

Jonathan said...

They might still be alive. Supposedly the drug I took was extremely short-acting, but I'm still feeling it. (I would swear).

Andrew Shields said...

I'm sure Bishop would have finished more work if she had not been alcoholic.

Alcoholic + perfectionist = deadly to productivity.