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Thursday, May 8, 2014


I saw a clip on CNN (on one my devices) about a young woman who lost more than 100 lbs so she could work at Hooters. She had been in a bar wearing a hooters t-shirt and a guy told her she didn't look like a Hooter's waitress. The story was presented entirely as a feel-good human interest story. "Isn't this great?" was the entire tone and message. Even the guy's rude comment to her in the bar was presented as just the wake-up call she needed so she could lose the weight and actually work there. That was her own perspective too. She is getting a Master's degree.

All this to work at a place where the food is of fast-food quality, but with higher prices based entirely on the perceived attractiveness of the wait-staff. I guess it tells something about me that I even clicked on this story. I won't link to it but if you really want you can copy and paste this into your browser:



Anonymous said...

I've tried to explain to my husband the concept of Hooters but he still doesn't get it.

"But why would anybody want to go?" he keeps asking.

I suggested that he go to see for himself but he looked so terrified that I gave up.

Now that I've read this post, though, I will finally be able to explain that Hooters is a place where women go to get mean comments from men and fulfill their needs for masochistic enjoyment of abasement.

Jonathan said...

The rude comment was not at Hooters, but at a bar.