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Friday, May 16, 2014


I had a minor medical test yesterday which required some heavy drugging. This morning as I was about to wake up I had a dream of writing a poem. It went something like this:

The dreams of my dreams--
Arguing with my mother about the plausibility of Dragnet plots
While toothpaste dried in the bathroom sink
This is what I do

In my dream I arose from bed to the microphone of a poetry reading. I checked to make sure I was dressed and saw I had boxer shorts and some kind of shirt, so I was fine. Although I hadn't written down or even finished the poem I was confident I could just improvise the rest of it, which I did. I explained it as a parody of a certain kind of trivial poem that was being written nowadays. A pop culture reference, the meaningless image, etc... The poem went over quite well with the audience, not surprisingly, since the audience was in my own dream.

My dream was lucid enough so that I could not only write a poem, but relate it to the context of poetry writing today in a clear-headed way. I still feel a bit drugged.

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