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Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Physical Pleasure

There is a physical pleasure for me in certain accents in Spanish, but only when spoken by certain individuals with nice speaking voices. It could be any accent, really, Andalusian, Castilian, or Caribbean usually, in my case. For obvious reasons (obvious to me, I mean) women's voices give me this almost erotic thrill more often. All this is purely subjective, of course, so there is no point in arguing with me about this. I doubt you could convince me that I don't like something that I do, in fact, like.

The last time I experienced it was in a woman introducing a lecture that I listened to on my ipod, from the Fundación March. I don't know who it was, probably Lucía Franco, the director of lectures there.

Why wouldn't you listen to that and try to imitate it, that beauty?


profacero said...

I think there is also a franquista voice. I am familiar enough with accents in Spain to know it but not familiar enough to explain it. It has to do with social class too.

The male version involves a slight paternalistic and vaguely anxious mild falsetto. It reminds me oddly of grandmothers. The female version is somewhat working class, alto, shouting, reminds me oddly of voices of thirtyish men hauling vegetables in market. I think I sound delusional trying to describe this but I swear it exists, I keep running into it.

profacero said...

And p.s. I say this because I have physical reaction to it -- really grating, gives me chills, makes me want to take off running, far away.

Jonathan said...

There are probably several Franco voices. One belonged to a colleague of mine at OSU. It was prepotente, dismissive, displicente.

Jonathan said...

I react strongly in a negative way to the voice and speaking style of a colleague who is wonderful in almost every way. The high pitch, the intonation, the way words are pronounced. In this case I just assume it is me, and I try to ignore my own reactions.

profacero said...

...OK good, I am not the only one who has noticed the Franco voice(s) ! ! !