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Thursday, May 8, 2014

High Brow

An ex-minister of culture for Zapatero, a poet whom I knew a little bit back in the day, said that he was "high brow" and that they wanted somebody more low-brow. He used a rather strange calque from the English ("ceja alta"), or high eye-brow. He had a whole bit going about the lowering of the eyebrow. Yo era de la ceja alta y se pasó a la ceja baja.

Look, you don't describe yourself as high-brow in order to get people's admiration. It gives new meaning to the word supercilious.


Vance Maverick said...

Pretty funny. Did you tell him that the figure refers to the forehead? (frente, right?)

A verb has gone missing in your first sentence.

clarissasblog.com said...

Absolutely hilarious! I used to feel completely befuddled by my Puerto Rican students’ “te llamo pa’trás”, which was supposed to mean “I’ll call you back.” But this one is even better.