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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lorca seminar outline

Lorca seminar

1. Introduction. Lorca as Protean figure. "Pathways of influence and reception."

2. Neopopularism. Machado y Álvarez / Manuel Machado / Antonio Machado. Poema del cante jonde. "Arquitectura del cante jondo." Music of Manuel de Falla. La Niña de los Peines.

3. Sonetos y Diván.

4. Romancero gitano

5. Poetics. "Juego y teoría del duende."

6. Musical interludes. Flamenco based on Lorca's poetry.

7. The New York Poetry.

8. Theater 1. Early works. // Visual arts: Lorca's drawings.

9. Theater 2: Rural tragedies.

10. Theater 3: Avant-garde plays.

11. Afterlives I: Spain: Dámaso Alonso / Luis Cernuda / Carlos Rojas.

12. Afterlives II: US. Lorca on the stage.

13. Afterlives III: US. Lorca and US poetry.

14. Afterlives IV: Lorca and film.

15. Conclusions / Evaluations. Paper due.


profacero said...

Dio, dio, dio, I have not even ordered books for fall seminar. Had better start.

Jonathan said...

This is for next Spring!