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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This morning I taught myself to play the 6/8 Cuban bell rhythm in one hand while playing the same rhythm twice as slow with the other. This is a useless skill, admittedly. The only reason I bring it up is that it is reflective of my recent change of pace, in which I'm teaching twice as many hours and twice as many days a week for about six weeks. It is quite possible to do this. If I were a little better organized I think I could be "all in" in many facets of my professional life. I'm sure there is a fallacy in my thinking but I'm a little tired.

The basic rhythm is

1 3 56 2 4 61 3 56 2 4 6

The other hand plays

1 5 35 31 5

Or what is essentially the same rhythm in quarter notes.

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