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Friday, June 24, 2016


My music project is focussed. I know what I have to do: make up more songs and learn to play them, record them. I play every day and I come up with new songs once in a while. I will go back into the studio in July or August to record.

My visual art project is unfocussed and foundering. I make images every day, and post some to Facebook, but I don't have a coherent goal in mind. Let's assume the problem isn't talent, or lack of it, or even skill, because, if I'm not a talented visual person, I'm not a particularly talented musician either. That's largely irrelevant.

Maybe you can give me some advice on this. Is it the nature of the medium, the fact that the image is there to be looked at and judged whereas the song lives in time? How can this project become less amorphous?

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