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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Monster Seminar

The seminar will be on both Latin American and Peninsular. It will take Pound's tripart categorization of poetry as the basis, then talk about self-consciousness (an extension of logopoeia?) and then talk about poetry that doesn't seem to "charge language with meaning" in any way at all (conversational modes). Finally, we will talk about the "short form." The class meets 14 times, so taking away the first and last classes, we really only have 12 meetings to get all this done. My last seminar was on Lorca, so there I took the opposite approach. I have twelve students, five from my last theory class and seven more.

Melopoeia I am associating with music and performance.

Phanopoeia I relate to the visual arts, ecphrasis and concrete poetry.

Logopoeia I associate with rhetoric and language itself.

I plan to plan the course over the course of 14 days in June, giving myself a day for each class period to decide what goes there and do some xeroxing. Of course, the first or three days are devoted to the total outline of the course.

The class meets for three hours (really more like 2.5) so we really have about 24 slots to fill, two for each day excluding the beginning and the end. We lose a class to Labor Day and another to Fall Break, so there are 14 instead of 15.