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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Food Factory

I was working in some weird food factory; there was a giant machine for husking corn, and a wide-mouthed and seemingly bottomless well we were calling a "cistern well" where waste from the factory was going. I asked questions about this process and was rebuffed, made to feel stupid. At some point waves invaded the factory and we were almost under water, so we began to walk away from the ocean. I became a different character, a small boy, as the narrative shifted into another dream. I had left my job behind.


There was a chess game, but the board was the entire room and the positions seemed vague. I used my keys to take out my opponent's queen. There were questions about whether one could use one's turn to ship (toss) supplies to a remote position in the room, food for the troops, etc... There was actual food involved, like packets of peanuts or potato chips.

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