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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When I'm Not Writing A Lot I Have Fewer Tricks

I wonder why that is. It should be obvious: the tricks come from observations about my own process of writing. When the process is not happening, I don't get any great ideas about how to do things. I have to start writing more before I can come up with more tricks to write more.


Clarissa said...

Your readers have so many useful tricks from the blog's archives that still need to be implemented that we will definitely not be bored in the meanwhile. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well I have a trick to offer but only Clarissa believes in it, it seems. Maybe Undine will, it would be one of her "white lies."

My current strategy is to refuse to say anything is hard. It's too discouraging. I've already pissed off about 3 people by saying it; they say I am unreasonable and they imply that to say things are not hard is to show insufficient solidarity with people for whom they are hard (or something like that).

Wouldn't you agree, though, that once you've decided something is feasible, too much looking in the abyss of "oh this is hard" isn't as useful as saying "this is feasible, let's make it moreso" ??? !!!

Jonathan said...

I agree with this one. If we allow ourselves to be convinced that everything is sooo difficult, even things we have been trained to do quite deliberately, then we are lost.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed.