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Friday, March 30, 2012

Forty Hour Week

Forty hour week.

What I was saying yesterday. You can work a full day and also get your writing done. Have a routine in which writing is a part.

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Professor Zero said...

Yes - well - what can I say about all of this motivation and everything.

Research and writing were what I liked, always, since elementary school. I usually had 2-3 hours a day for it and that seemed to work really well, for 3 decades or so. Never needed to goad myself into it, as I was actually interested.

And, I was raised by an academic who worked a 40 hour week, which got 5 books plus many articles in 30 years, which was enough in those days.

So, I never thought anything was going to be all that problematic until I finally succumbed to the cant that 2-3 hours a day wasn't enough, and you had to be hurrying during those 2-3 hours, putting on alarm clocks and stuff, and that 40 hours would never be enough in today's world, and so on, and so on. It was just all so punitive / sadistic / threatening that my view was, we came here for fun, not for torture, so if it's to be torture now, let's quit.

Now, though, it seems, fashions have changed back. Menos mal.