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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rule #4


Instead of telling people not to procrastinate, I prefer to tell people something positive to do instead. Forget about deadlines and meeting them. Instead, plan your time moving forward from now rather than backwards from the deadline.

Most people:
MLA talk. I know I have to have it done before the MLA. Ok, so classes end on December 15, so I have three weeks. Once I turn in my grades, I can start the talk. I might finish it on the plane to Boston.

MLA talk. It is April and my abstract was just accepted. I might as well write the talk now since it is fresh in my mind. I will look at it again in December to see if I need to change anything.

Why start absurdly early? Because I can. Why do I assume I will be less busy in December close to the deadline than I am now, in April, or mid-March? Maybe I will have something I want to do more in December.

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