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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rule #11

Don't Write More Than 3 Hours a Day.

The next set of 10 rules have to do with time and task management.

You don't need to write more than 3 hours a day. Not only that, you probably shouldn't. The reason is that you need to be writing everyday, so you will burn out if you do that and also give your brain no time to rest. By all means go to the library and get research materials or do a planning session when not writing, but don't sit down in front of the computer all day long to write. Remember that your project is a marathon made of individual stages or legs. You don't need to run a marathon every day.

I, personally, have intense powers of concentration, but I think 3 hours is pretty much my upper limit most of the time. There seems little point in trying to write for 5 hours a day. I am getting enough done already. If you write a few hours in the morning, you will have done your work for the day and you don't need to worry about it till the next day. That is a wonderful feeling.

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Professor Zero said...

Another great rule. Actually, the whole set of rules is convincing me I wasn't crazy or lazy to be living this way ... (that I trained myself out of so as to fit into academia, amusingly enough).