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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


A course I took over mid-semester from a colleague has been a little dead lately. I only had six students today, so I just took them all downstairs, bought them coffee, and we sat around a table in the cafeteria. The caffeine helped me a lot, for sure, and the students seemed to come to life. It was well worth it. Suddenly I didn't have to struggle to get them to participate.

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Anonymous said...

Half of students in one class had not even begun the research and analysis based paper whose rough draft is theoretically due Friday. So we went out and sat under the tree in the patio and I paired those people up with people who were on track. People on track were to explain what they had done and how they had done it to people who were not; then people who were not had to explain their partner's project to the class. It was nice, strangely.