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Thursday, August 4, 2016

I Hear Voices

Not in a schizo way, but I am able to hear voices in my head. I get a certain voice of a poetic speaker in my head, a particular tone, and then I am able to write in that voice. Often it is by reading someone else, and then doing a kind of misinterpretation of that voice. For example, I got an idea of Neruda's exile in Southern Chile and wrote a kind of fake Neruda-like thing. In the middle I put in a pseudo-Robert Frost type line. I also was reading some Alice Notely. Wonderful poems, and in a voice I could never replicate and wouldn't want to, because I am not her, but her work gave me permission to be more openly, emotionally raw.

The voice might start with a single thought in my head, that is from my own inner voice, but then it has to be twisted a bit to be made a little stupider sounding, maybe. Usually the first poem of the day comes to me when I am still in bed or in the shower.

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