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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"Sam taught Emily and I how to make tortillas"

I saw someone I respect on a social media site use this construction... [cringe] Of course this is the error of the well-educated person for whom "Emily and me" sounds like a mistake even when it is the object of the verb, not the subject. So much the worse.

Of course I would never be so rude as to point out this mistake to the person making it. But be warned: I will judge you for this even if I don't say anything.


Andrew Shields said...

The issue is whether the preposition determines the case of the pronoun or whether the coordinator does. The standard textbooks say that the preposition always does; analysis of real usage shows that often the coordination determines the case as a fixed form.

Jonathan said...

Where is the preposition here, though? I'm not seeing one.

Andrew Shields said...

Sorry, brain addled by jetlag insomnia. I should have written "verb" instead of "preposition"!