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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Encerrona (2)

I've mentioned the idea of an encerrona before.  The idea is to spend an extensive period of time on a single day to jump start a new project--or to inject new life into an ongoing one. I'm doing this today with LORCA IV. I am not teaching today, girlfriend is in Japan, no meetings with job candidates or papers to grade, so I can devote the entire working day to this. I have 300 words already, in which I discuss my qualifications for the project and some main ideas and directions. I began in the morning before I arose, and outlined some things in my head, then began to write during my morning coffee. If I take a walk somewhere later then my mind will continue to work on this.  I will still practice piano, feed chickens and cat, and do other normal activities of this kind.

If you've tried this technique let me know how it's worked for you. Most research cannot be done in a state of continual encerrona, because, well, life and other work obligations do not permit this. Nevertheless, to do an encerrona is to do a substantial amount of work in one concentrated burst of effort.    

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Leslie B. said...

I don't do well without these. I did them most weeks from 6th grade through mid tenure track. They're what make it possible to get something done on other, very busy days.