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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dream of Obnoxious Lorca

There was a well known language poet in this dream, one whom I know from facebook but am not rl friends with.  We were separated by a large geographical distance but somehow got into a real life conversation. I explained my Lorca and music project to him, and he said: "why do you have to work with such an obnoxious poet?"  In the dream I wasn't offended, but instead connected the remark to certain aspects of Lorca I don't like. It felt very liberating, actually.  I won't name the poet here since I wouldn't attribute that opinion to him, since it was actually coming from a part of my self. Why I wanted to exteriorize it like that is anyone's guess. I guess the Language Poet crowd did not have that romantic impulse that admirers of Lorca have had.

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