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Thursday, May 17, 2018

I don't think I understand English any more

As a follow-up to preliminary information collected by Human Resource Management (HRM), and to effectively diagnose the complex issues happening within the Department of X, the College of Y will be taking the next step of an organizational assessment. This process will be facilitated by Z, an organizational development specialist, facilitator, trainer, and coach with experience working with departments, teams, and individuals at the University of K. This organizational assessment, coupled with interviews of faculty, lecturers, staff, and others, will inform a whole systems approach to address existing departmental concerns.  These concerns may entail insights and assistance from Faculty Development, the Office of Diversity and Equity, the College of Y, the Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access, and HRM. The hope is that a holistic engagement of university resources will shape an environment for transformational change.

 I really don't understand a word of this.  I mean, I understand the words, but not why this would take place just as the school year is over, when people are dispersing here and there, and in response to unspecified "issues." Five separate units of the university are supposed to provide us with "insight" and "assistance." I think we are screwed.


Clarissa said...

It sounds like a parody. It's unbelievable people can come up with such senseless drivel.

Anonymous said...

Another great example for my piece "Language and the entrepreneurial university," wherein I argue that the adjective "Orwellian" does not cover it.