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Monday, May 7, 2018

What Can You Do in 2 Hours?

I could learn most of a page of not too difficult piano music.

Referee an article or two.

Read 120 pages of a novel.

Produce a not too bad drawing of something.

Watch a movie.

Walk six miles.

Shop for, cook and eat a meal.

Memorize two short poems.

Write 8 blog posts.

Write an outline of an article I want to write.

Write an abstract for a conference.

Prepare for and teach an 1:15 minute class.

Listen to music for two hours.

There are many things you can do in two hours. We have 8 hours to sleep, so that leaves 8 blocks of two hours. If you work just four hours a day during the summer, you can do two significant work-related things.


Anonymous said...

I tend to add the half hour so I can spend a few minutes getting into it and another few letting my mind wander or talking to someone.

2.5 hours = edit 250 words, write another 250, plan another 250, put residual ideas on index card in a box to use for other part of piece.

2.5 hours = go to campus, class and a meeting.

2.5 hours = go to library, find things, read at least some of them well, have thoughts advance.

2.5 hours = write proposal for internal grant, schedule for film series, something like that.

Jonathan said...

Yes. I like your approach of being even more leisurely.