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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Interlocking frameworks

There are several interlocking frameworks I could use to conceptualize what I am doing in this book. In no particular order.

1) Melopoetics. Let's define this as the study of poetry in its own musical forms, and also in its historic connections to music.

2) Word and Music Studies. The idea here is to look at vocal music as a hybrid form (words + music) and look at what the composer does to an already existing poem.

3) Reception Studies. Here we have the comparative literature activity of looking at the reception of Faulkner in France, or the reception of Lorca in the US.

4) Adaptation studies. The idea is to look at the transformations of literature in other media: films, operas, art songs, etc...

5) Interartistic studies. Here the central notion is to compare different art forms, usually literature and visual art, but more generally all of the arts.

6) The performance of poetry. Music is a way of performing poetry, by other means. A natural or unnatural extension of other performance practices.

Each of these frameworks has a particular bias, or way of operating.

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Leslie B. said...

For your files -- another Lorca adaptation. I wonder how much more Dresman has done on this. https://permafrostmag.uaf.edu/online-issues/permafrost-issue-38-2-cabin-of-the-words/cante-jondo/