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Thursday, June 7, 2018

What have you learned?

This post by Clarissa has been very inspiring to me. I have been obsessing all of 2018 about not being a musicologist and thus being dubiously qualified to write this book I want to write on music.  Clarissa writes:

 I wanted to write an article about film but I was completely ignorant about film theory. So I took a couple of weeks and taught myself film theory.
The article was accepted for publication with cosmetic changes 15 minutes ago. Both reviewers praised my deep knowledge of film theory.
I don't doubt this at all. Intellectual humility is all well and good, but it is possible to learn some basic things to a level of competence and participate in intellectual discourse at a high level after a short time. Thanks to this post I have stopped worrying about my lack of musicological chops.     

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Clarissa said...

I'm really glad I could help you back for all the help you've given me. :-)

Ultimately, it hinges on interest. I really REALLY wanted to write this article but I knew I wasn't yet qualified. So I made myself qualified. This was the price of admission to being able to write this article. And I enjoyed doing it.