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Friday, June 28, 2019

Where did the day go? (iv)

8: Got up, did few crosswords and the like, wrote for an hour. Did some meditation and played piano.

Went to lunch at 11.

Read part of a book I need to read for a tenure review.  It was pretty good.

14:40-5: Gym / shower. Had some coffee.

5-- More reading.

Observation: since late afternoon tends to be dead time, I should go to gym then.

1 comment:

Leslie B. said...

5 is too late to go to the gym, I should go by 3 or 4. 5 is OK on weekends or vacation days. I used to go at 5, always, because seminars let out then, and later on it was 5 on the theory that one should stay at work until 5 or had to. But really I am useless by 4, should be already *into* workout (or heck, lying by the pool) by then.