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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Bad at math

Saying you are "bad at math" is like saying you lack critical thinking skills.  I don't mean having trouble with advanced level courses, like calculus.  I'm bad at math by that definition, too. I mean the basic thinking that you would use to figure things out in real life. People whose car payment or mortgage is larger than their monthly salary are not "bad at math." They lack basic numeracy to be adults, maybe. The same is true for someone who thinks that 500 million is enough to give every American a million dollars, with some left over. If that were true, then the cure for poverty would just to be convince a single billionaire to give over half his / her money. Too bad nobody thought of that before!

If you want a math hint here, I will give it to you.  A number divided by itself is 1.  It doesn't matter how large the number is, how many zeroes, it is is still one.  So a million divided by a million is .... 1. A fraction is the same as a division problem so 10/10 (ten tenths) = 1.  

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