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Wednesday, March 11, 2020


The "real life bride" of Lorca's
Blood wedding dies an old woman,
the newspaper reports.
Not very attractive, lame

from childhood accident,
she ran off with her cousin
the eve of her wedding.
Attacked on the road with shotgun

the cousin was killed;
she survived. But Lorca
takes almost nothing
from this sordid account.

The journalist's realm is fact--
mine, like Lorca's, is fiction,
whether drama, poem, or novel.
Paca, this woman, is not in fact

the bride of the play,
nor is the dead cousin Lorca's
"Leonardo" nor the cousin's mule
Leonardo's mythic horse.

Absent from "real life" accounts
are the bridegroom's fierce mother
and her fear of knives,
her hunger for revenge

for her husband and son, slain
by Leonardo's kin. How then,
is Lorca's play not a work of fiction?
What idiot wants to see it as "real life" in disguise?

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