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Friday, March 13, 2020


I did have a productive meeting with Soria Olmedo last night. Two hours with him is like a whole graduate seminar for me, or a month of reading in the library.  I feel wholly as accepted as a Lorquista by him, which is privilege he doesn't grant to just anyone, or so I've been told.

I've realized I need just one idea per composer, to go along with one central idea.

The one central idea is that composers set Lorca to music by referring to elements of the "vernacular" but without imitating it. You can't just use a musical idiom derived from Albéniz to write Lorca music.

The individual ideas:

1 composer does it through use of Mexican, not Spanish music, etc...

One does it through language of atonalism.

Maybe Shostakovich does it through Mahler?  Here I am showing my ignorance.

Today I came up with part of the idea for George Crumb. The element I was missing before was the American vernacular, and how his American songbooks line up with his Spanish ones.

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