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Friday, July 2, 2021


 I'm in Breckenridge, CO. My daughter is in an orchestra here (NRO) and I drove from Kansas to see her play, stopping to watch birds in central KS. 

Tonight, they played the enigma variations by Elgar and a romantic-sounding and inventive harp concerto by Gliere. The harpist was fantastically good. (Two days ago, they played Dvorak 8, which had a lot of trumpet solos, admirably performed by JTM.) All the musicians are between about 21 and 30.  

Before the Elgar, a woman behind me was saying to her husband: "There are 15 of them; I hope each one is not too long; it is 7:25 already!"  The concert was over by 8 p.m., so I bet she was happy. Where else better did she have to be? 


Leslie B. said...

Great trip but OT: you know Breckenridge is where all the oil people here have their summer/ski homes. I think it even has Mardi Gras at this point. But I'm afraid to go because I think I'll OD on the Republican Barbie types. Could this couple have been part of these denizens?

Jonathan said...

It could be. The audience was white and elderly at the concert, but that's the classical music audience generally.