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Monday, December 20, 2021


 People right out of the gate look better than people who have been a few years in. New PhDs are pure promise, with not that much wrong with them. Their recommendations are glowing, of course. They haven't published much, maybe, but that is not bad because they are newly minted PhDs and we don't expect much of them yet.  

A more advanced, Associate Professor... Well, they should have published more.  Or what they have published should have been better. What about that stretch when they weren't doing so much... ? 

I was the brilliant assistant and also the mediocre associate. Many of us have been. It is an optical illusion, somewhat like being cute little kids and then awkward looking adolescents, or dashing young men and then balding slobs. If you make it past associate malaise then you can be brilliant again as a full professor. Still rumpled and balding, but a bit more distinguished now.  

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Leslie B. said...

We became R1 a few days ago. Maybe I can require R1 working conditions of them, and become a brilliant Full.