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Friday, December 3, 2021

Dream of used book

 There was a book my daughter had just acquired at a rummage sale of some kind. It was an anthology of poetry published by Grove Press or something similar. It had seven poets, including Jack Spicer. She (my daughter) had written her name in it. I looked at the book and discovered that it had once belonged to me. On another page was my distinctive signature. It was difficult to explain, but we were all in California in this dream so it could have happened. Me, seeing some books off, and then one off them finding its way to another sale. 

I went in the living room of our family house in Davis to tell my family. My father and mother were there, my sister, looking very young. I knew that it was dream, then, since the time framework was off, but still wanted to share the news with them. The book was my evidence, so I kept returning to it. If I could only keep hold of it even after I woke up... 

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