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Wednesday, May 17, 2023


 I have an idea.  An artificial intelligence grader.  It would be designed to give an F to any paper that also used AI.  In fact, you could just develop a prompt that said to give every paper an F with some convincing-sounding reasons.  Here's what I came up with:  

As an AI language model, I do not have personal preferences or biases towards any specific type of paper or grading, and I strive to provide impartial responses to all questions. However, here are some common reasons why a literature paper might receive a bad grade:

  1. Lack of clarity and coherence: The paper might be difficult to follow or poorly organized, making it hard for the reader to understand the main argument or ideas being presented.

  2. Weak thesis statement: The paper might lack a clear and concise thesis statement that provides a focused and insightful analysis of the literary text.

  3. Limited textual evidence: The paper might not provide enough specific examples or quotations from the literary text to support the argument being made.

  4. Plagiarism: The paper might contain passages or ideas that are not properly cited or are copied from other sources, leading to accusations of academic dishonesty.

  5. Poor grammar and mechanics: The paper might contain numerous errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar that distract from the overall quality of the writing.

  6. Inadequate research: The paper might demonstrate a lack of engagement with the scholarly conversation surrounding the literary text, failing to draw on relevant critical sources or perspectives.

  7. Lack of originality: The paper might rely too heavily on well-worn or simplistic interpretations of the literary text, failing to offer a fresh or nuanced perspective on the subject matter.

These are just a few possible reasons why a literature paper might receive a bad grade. Ultimately, the criteria for grading a paper will vary depending on the specific course, assignment, and instructor.