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Friday, December 18, 2009


A less bellicose and more irenic metaphor for my work is building bridges. I like to situate myself in a place where I can be an expert in two different areas and bring them together. The Lorca book is an obvious example. I knew considerably more about American poetry than any Lorca scholar, and considerably more about Lorca than any specialist in American poetry. The trick was the build enough bridges to make the project work. In my new Lorca project I am going to be combine my knowledge of modernism internationally, including American poetry but not exclusively so, Lorca, and Spanish intellectual history.

The bridge has to be anchored on both sides of the river. It can't just be a pier; it has to reach the other side. It must permit two-way traffic. It has to be wide enough. It has to also not fall into the river.

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Andrew Shields said...

This is a metaphor about how you use data. It is entirely consistent with the competitive metaphor, which is about how you relate to your field.