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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Calling off a Project

Ok. The new Lorca is not going to work as planned. I realized there wasn't enough Lorca there, in my plan, and that I didn't really want to analyze actual poetic works by Lorca very extensively, and that a reader would expect that in a book with Lorca in the title. I realized I was too swayed by the momentum of Apocryphal Lorca and by the potential marketability of the Lorca name.

So it's back to the new modernism project, which will be called something like Modernism and the Paradoxes of Spanish Literary History:.

This is really fine. It's going to be better this way. There is really no wasted work, because you need to go down a certain alley as far as you can before you realize it's not where you need to be going. I can still use most of the idea on Lorca I was going to include, but I don't have to stretch them out over as many chapters.

One of the most advanced tasks of scholarship is mentally organizing large amounts of material in a coherent way and convincing way. I just woke up today knowing that I needed to just re-arrange things enough so that they would work.

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Andrew Shields said...

Looking back now from 2012: haven't you ended up with Lorca in the title after all?