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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


My ideas about resolutions for the new year is to make is something modest, possible, and productive. Last year, my resolutions were to improve my reading knowledge of Italian and to learn more about Duke Ellington. Both are ones I fulfilled more or less. This is much better than having a resolutions having to do with refraining from a particular activity, or the typical weight-loss and exercise resolutions that fill the gyms during the first week of January.

For 2010, I am going to have 6 month resolutions, because I found that I didn't do much Italian after June. I did become a half-way-decent Ellingtonian, but here too my interest shifted. So this year I am going to increase my knowledge of the Hispanic poetic tradition beyond the 20th century and beyond Spain. January-June I will do mostly the popular tradition in conjunction with my course. July-December, I will fill in some gaps in the cultured tradition.

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