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Friday, June 17, 2011


I'm working on the first cluster of three chapters (out of 10 chapters) and making sure i don't have the same quotes or examples in any of them. This section of the book is called "Origins" and will begin with the chapter on Lorca, going on to one on Zambrano and Unamuno, and concluding, with one on Guillén and Cernuda, two models of modernism that, I will argue, are not as influential.
This cluster should be done by the end of July.

The next cluster consists of three chapters on Valente, Gamoneda, and Rodríguez. Two of the three chapters are written, so I have to write one more and then make sure the three chapters put forward a convincing and interrelated set of claims. I also have to come up with a title for this middle cluster.

The final section of the book, "Extensions" will contain four chapters, two of which I've written. In August-Dec. I want to finish three chapters. The ones remaining (after I finish Lorca) are (1) Claudio Rodríguez (2) aphorism (3) female subjectivity and modernism.

Five months for three chapters seems ambitious. What I hope to do is take advantage of the first half of August before classes start and the part of December after classes are over.

I am constantly planning and replanning to see whether I can make this work. The good thing is that Dec. 31 is my own, self-imposed deadline. Nothing bad happens if I fail to meet it. I might not, but if I don't I still have 2012 to work on the project.

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