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Saturday, June 4, 2011


One journal I review for uses a variation on a quote from Larra: La indulgencia mal entendida es la muerte de la inteligencia." The original is "La indulgencia mal entendida es la muerte del arte." (A badly understood indulgence is the death of intelligence / art.).

In other words, you can't be too complacent, too generous. The journal is telling its reviewers to be tough, not to be too nice just for the sake of being a good guy or gal.


Professor Zero said...

Yes, well. My current project is to apply this to the students. I am serious. I was this outside person on an MA exam and it was awful. But passed. Chair: "You have to consider how much this person has improved since arriving." So I voted yes and all, not being from department, but I thought: when this person's students from the CC transfer here and I deal with them, I will be dealing with what I am doing right now. 'Twas true.

Andrew Shields said...

A former colleague of mine worked at the English Department here in Basel for over thirty years, and she had many students who had been taught English in school by former students of hers. Sometimes she was even able to guess who the new students' teacher had been, because the new students made the same distinctive mistake that the earlier student had made!