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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Write in the Morning, Research in the Afternoon

I've argued here before that you should begin writing as soon as you begin researching. There should never be a blank page. At the very minimum, you should write for yourself some kind of proposal about what you are looking for. Never just wait to write until you have enough materials gathered, enough books and articles read. What I like to do is to write in the morning, every morning, since I am always working on something, and do the reading and researching in the afternoon, when I am not as alert. For a project that's advanced, this research will involve tracking down stray references. For example I might have claimed that "many critics have argued that..." but I need to find out what critics these are in order to back up my more general impression that this is what the critics think.


Anonymous said...

Yes - that's my method, or is when I'm doing academic work. It's the best!

Clarissa said...

I'm trying to adopt this method but it's very difficult. When I manage to stick to this routine, it makes me very happy. Today I managed to, and now I feel like singing and dancing all the way to the library. :-) But it's very hard for me to get used to it.