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Friday, June 3, 2011

The House

The house really eats up a lot of time during the summer. Today I was on the phone for over an hour trying to order a part for something. The refrigerator's ice-maker gave out too, so the repair guy came for that. There is a list of other things that must be addressed this summer.

The key for me is to be able to write in the morning for at least an hour. Then I can calmly deal with everything else. If a wanted to I could do only house related tasks all summer and never work on my writing at all. For me though, an hour spent with a difficult academic problem is much more enjoyable than 8 hours spent trying to figure out what garage door to buy.


Professor Zero said...

What does it cost to repair icemakers there? I am having difficulty garnering accurate information on this here.

(Yes, even in a b.s. field, academic work is more fun than house and it also seems to drain the neurons less.)

Jonathan said...

It was still under warranty, so i don't know what it would have cost.

Professor Zero said...

My kingdom for a warranty!