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Sunday, July 24, 2011


These are my results from the first months of the writing group. I finished three articles, two chapters, one course proposal, and one talk. I had three weeks (in a row!) in which I failed to accomplish my goal, and a few other weeks where I deliberately did not set a goal, because I was traveling or on vacation. My goals were either to complete something, or to put myself in a good position to finish something in a few more weeks.

The results of a method like this can only be assessed over the course of several months. That's when you can see the bigger picture, how you deal with setbacks, how you compensate for time lost to travel and vacation. None of my weekly goals was super-ambitious or back-breaking, since most involved finishing something that had been begun long ago, or simply making significant progress. I know what I did looks impressive, but it rarely felt onerous.

3/14: Finished article.
3/21: Finished talk.
3/28: Nothing
4/4: Work on “Was Lorca a poetic thinker”
4/11: “ ”
[Next three weeks: failed to meet goals.]
5/23: Course proposal and substantial progress on article.
5/30: Finished article.
6/6: Finished other article for “Modernist Cultures.”
6/13: Finished chapter on Zambrano.
6/20: Progress on the Lorca chapter.
6/27: Nothing.
7/4: Finished Lorca chapter.

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