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Friday, July 1, 2011

Time Design for Fall Semester

Monday: Drive to Kansas. Planning session in the p.m.

T: 9-12. Work on courses (prep / grading). 1-2:15: Class. 2:15-4: Library or coffee shop.

Wed. 9-12. Research time. 1-4. Work on courses (prep / grading). 4-7: class.

Th. 9-10:30. Research time. 10:30-12: course work. 1-2:15: class. 3:00 p.m. Prosody group. 4 p.m. dept meetings once a month.

Friday. Drive to St. Louis. p.m. planning session.

Sat. day off.

Sun. Research day.

If I can be efficient enough during the course preparation hours, I should be able to fit some writing in too, once I get ahead of the game. I've scheduled ample time to prepare so that I won't skimp on preparation or fall behind in grading. On weeks I don't drive to St. Louis I will have extra research time.


Clarissa said...

Ah, I need to do something like this, too! Especially since I have a very easy semester in terms of teaching (just 2 sections of the same course I taught 3 times before.) It will be really wrong not to use this opportunity to make a really massive research effort.

Professor Zero said...

The virtue of this version of a schedule is the simplicity. There's actually a lot of unscheduled time where the unexpected can be dealt with, and only a few hours per day that have to be super protected, and it's an easy to remember schedule.