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Friday, March 7, 2014

All but two chapters!

I have written drafts of all but two chapters now. One of these does not yet have all the references complete, but I only need to write two more:

The Grain of the Voice: Poetry and Performance

Queering Lorca

The rest of March will involve footnoting "!3 Ways of Looking at Cultural Exceptionalism" and cycling through The Grain of the Voice, which has 6,000 words already. April, I will finish "13 Ways" leaving Queering Lorca for May. The epilogue will be easy after that.

Yes, I still have it. Bow down before my excellence.


Research tidbit of the day: Lorca would refer to vinegar and oil cruets sarcastically as "Ortega" and "Gasset." Like: please pass the Ortega and the Gasset. Hilarious. !!

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