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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Here is my plan. Numbers refer to chapter numbers. February seemed very productive, but that was because I just needed to do a few little things to some of those items. My plan changes almost every day. I switch things around and shuffle the cards so as to get a more reasonable plan. I want to have enough time to get everything done, but at the same time, I don't want the illusion of abundant time to lull me into a false satisfaction.

I've front loaded it and given myself one and a half months of extra time at the very end, which can be used to tie up loose ends, revise, or do nothing.

Completion Plan for What Lorca Knew

February, 2014:

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1. Introduction
2. What Lorca Knew
5. Anatomy of Influence
6. New York Variations


3. Thirteen Ways (writing complete)
4. Grain of the Voice (complete the writing of).
4. Grain of the Voice (translations and footnotes complete).


3. Thirteen Ways (translations and footnotes).


7. Queering Lorca


8. Epilogue
Extra time


Extra time
Submit manuscript

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