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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I'm busy with two extra classes, MA exams which I'm administering, faculty senate committees, So you'd probably think that I'm not working on my research, if you didn't know me.

But you'd be wrong. I put work on my research on my to do list every day, and I do it. Why? It is actually easier to get it done when I am busy. I am in the office more, for one thing. My hours are longer so I just put in a half hour at some point.

Here was my to do list for today:


Return netflix videos
Grade essay on 453 exam and enter on grade sheet
Email Antonio’s classes
Print out and xerox exam for Spanish 522
Sign letters for MA exam
Email advisors
Faculty senate meeting
Work on Lorca
Crossword for Wed

(This list does not include teaching hours.)

You'll notice I put things that are just for me, like the New York Times puzzle, and meditation, on the list as well. My list for Monday looked bad too. I had to finish a tenure evaluation, for example. I still meditated and did the crossword.

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