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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Good / Bad

I've decided to structure my book on writing poems in two parts: good poetry and bad.

In the first part, I will talk about how to write poems that are good. My idea is that everyone agrees that a good poem has musicality, concrete images, etc... This is not true, but I think I ought to write about how to compose poems that everyone ought to say are "good." So much poetry fails simply because it doesn't do this.  I'm pretending there is a consensus here, of course, where there's not.  That is part of the fun.  

In the bad poetry section, I will tell you how to write bad poems. Not truly bad poems, but ones that have an oblique or contrary relationship to the aesthetic ideals of good poetry. There is a difference between poems that try to be good and simply fail, and those that have a savvy relationship to both good and bad aesthetics.

So a reader can decide to work with both / either.  

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