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Thursday, April 20, 2017


KU is 72% white. An editorial in the paper today said that 37% of students (according to the climate survey) had considered leaving the university, and that among the main reasons was not fitting in with this majority:

According to the report, 37 percent of students have seriously considered leaving the University at some point. The top reasons cited by these individuals include diversity-related issues and lack of support. This comes after many high-profile protests that ultimately resulted in the recent establishment of Multicultural Student Government (MSG).

Now 37 + 72 is 109, so these numbers do not quite add up, especially since we can't think that every single non-white student who answered considered leaving the university for reasons for "diversity related issues." Of course, it's possible that a white student is gay, or feels so strongly about diversity issues that she wants to leave the university for that reason.  Still, this leaves me scratching my head. As I've complained before, putting several different kinds things in one sack and then telling us what the sack includes is rather uninformative.

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