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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Some of the first poems I read in Spanish were by Machado.  It was Spanish ???, at UCD. The professor was Roberto Scari. I remember reading "Daba el reloj las doce."  "Las ascuas de un crepúsculo morado," and "Desde el umbral de un sueño me llamaron."  Also, "Tal vez, la mano, en sueños." A girl from my class came over to study with me one night. She called my house asking for me or my sister, because the professor used late names in class, and she didn't have the text to study from. She knew either my sister or I was in the class.

I still know these poems.


I could not understand the line "con su alado y desnudo Amor de piedra."  My father, who didn't even know Spanish, surmised that Amor was a statue of Cupid.  How the fuck do I remember that?  It was 1978!

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